Sharon has helped many young people, teenagers and families over the years.  Here is some feedback from just a few of them... 

"I felt Sharon listened to me, took everything I said seriously, and this helped build my confidence." 
Female, 18 
"I felt extremely listened to, even at crisis points in my life, where I felt like nobody took me seriously. I felt Sharon did. This enabled me to speak everything on my mind and say things I've never told anyone." 
Female, 14 
"Counselling helped a lot with my issues at school. Sharon always took the effort to see me, even when I was excluded from school. It was VERY helpful". 
Male, 13 
"I was able to talk about what was going on in my head. I learnt to be less scared of it, end the cycle. I worked towards relaxing after stresses and learned techniques to manage my anxiety." 
Female, 15 
"All issues we talked about were taken seriously. The help and advice received was very reassuring and helpful. Sharon was kind and patient with the whole family." 
Family, August 2019 
"Counselling was good, talking to Sharon who knows how I feel!" 
Male, 10 
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