Are you worried about any of these...? 

Are you stressed-out from your exams? 
Do you feel different? 
Do you feel alone or depressed? 
Do you feel bullied or anxious? 

 I can help. 

I offer a safe space for you to talk confidentially.. 
I can help you explore any thoughts and feelings that are distressing you 
I am here to listen to you, to offer you support 
I don’t judge you or take sides. I won’t tell you off or disapprove in any way 
We can chat at your pace, and I do not expect you to share anything until you are ready. 
Support is here for: Anxiety, Loneliness, Depression, Stress, Family Relationships, Low Mood, Self-Esteem, Sleep, and many other emotional triggers. 
Please get in touch to book a counselling session, or for more details. 

Family Counselling All families have times when relationships are under strain and there are many reasons why a family might want support. 

I won’t judge or take sides. 
I’ll simply encourage each family member to share their own thoughts and feelings – either individually or as a group – and help you all to resolve your difficulties and find a way forward. 
If you think family counselling can help, please contact me to book a family counselling session, or to ask for more details. 

Typical trigger events 

Family break-ups 
Work problems 
Outside pressures (e.g.- exams) 
Changing family dynamics (due to new partners, etc.) 
Coping with children and teenagers 
Moving house 
Changing schools 
Get in touch today 
If you would like a no-obligation, private conversation, please call us now on 07833 220215 and let's have an initial chat. Or fill in our online form and I will be in contact as soon as possible. 
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